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Why are you doing this? E-mail

We just think it's a good idea.

Every month, we calculate the total commissions/votes/purchase count per day. Then a percentage of the advertising commissions paid by the shops is distributed across all the charities according to this calculation.  Once a year (or more), we will send the charities a check. Please ask everyone you know to start here so we can send more checks!

We click, do you?

Please note:

Checks must total $25 or more.  Totals under $25/year will roll back into the general operation funds.  This helps keep the site free to you and continues to make donations possible.

If you make a major purchase and want to request the donation goes to a particular charity, please contact us.

Not all purchases qualify for commissions.  This is one reason we use this method to calculate the donations.  If you have any questions about what qualifies, please contact us.

We will update this method from time to time to reflect changes in our business and technology available.  For more information, please contact us.






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